Stand fee (1 sqm, for exhibitors):


Stand (conventional, raw space, 1 sqm)

3 000 RUB

Stand (conventional, arranged stand*, 1 sqm)

4 500 RUB

Corner stand (2 open sides, arranged stand, 1 sqm)

4 725 RUB

Peninsular stand (3 open sides, arranged stand, 1 sqm)

4 950 RUB

Island stand. Typestyle 1. 1 sqm

5 400 RUB

Island stand. Typestyle 2. 1 sqm.

5 300 RUB

Custom designed stand** (after individual request)

6 000 RUB


Conventional space and shell are included:

  • wall panel
  • fitted carpet
  • fascia board (name of company without logo)
  • table
  • chairs (quantity depending on stand area)
  • lamps SPOT (quantity depending on stand area)
  • 1 waste-basket

Virtual participation – 7 000 RUB

Virtual participation considers a company’s promotional and informational materials locating at registration area. Exhibition committee enters into commitments for distribution and addition materials. Company information would be allocated on the record exhibition catalogue.

Final definitive of exhibition area reservation is not carried out till all payments would be done.

Concerning participation in the exhibition:

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