CATALOGUE SPONSOR   (exclusive offer)                                                                6 400 Euro


Exhibition area 6 sqm. (standard equipment)


3% discount for  all additional services and equipment



Advertising module (A4 series, 1 page, colored)


Information article (А4 series , 1 page)


Distribution of the Partner’s logotype onto PRO-franchising training materials


Exhibition Web-site


Banner with the active hyperlink

Exhibition Web-site


Distribution information about the Partner in the ‘Partners” section

(500 printed characters, logotype with the active hyperlink)


Partner’s news distribution  (once a week, “News” section)

Promotional services


Special area for the Partner’s presentation  (15 minutes)


Special area for the Partner’s showcases (30 minutes)


Partner’s banner near the registration area


Promotion materials (promoter) (1  hour)


Broadcast announcements (10 runs)


Partner’s logotype distribution onto outside advertising vehicles


Partner’s logotype distribution onto visitors and participants badges


Exhibition photoreport


Partner’s logotype distribution onto all information materials, publications, press-releases and post-releases, mailout


Information and promotional materials distribution (registration area)

If any questions on sponsorship opportunities, please, contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it