Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!


We are glad to invite you to take part in the first regional “PRO-BRAND. Look at the business professionally”  exhibition. The event will take place in the OMSK regional Expocenter on 26-27th of April, 2013.

The place where the event will be held is chosen for a reason. Almost every franchiser considers the regional development of his franchise a priority. And the Siberian Region stands out amongst all the others due to its unique position at the top of the economic and business activity, it’s also actively developing and being built up. Omsk is favorably compared with other cities due to its great transport accessibility from other regions, besides, according to the Forbes it’s got the best business climate among Russian cities.

Thus, thanks to the “PRO-BRAND” exhibition, the people of promising cities for business development can receive the maximum of information on the franchising capabilities, and franchisers – contacts with the many potential regional partners.


For enhancing the effect of the participation in the exhibition we prepared for areas:

Area №1. Trade-show

6 000 square metres, where exhibitors can profitably demonstrate their franchise offers during an individual chat with the potential partners, and get some contacts of the exhibition guests.

Area №2. Presentation hall

An area, where the exhibitors can describe the advantages of their franchise offer to the maximum audience simultaneously.

Area №3. The main stage for the “Brand Show” showcases

A unique area, where the exhibitors have the opportunity to strike the guests’ imagination, touch the emotional component of the impression of the franchise and the brand.

Area №4. Training area

For the purposes of attracting the maximum possible quantity of the target audience representatives we prepared the training materials for the currently most important topics for beginner businessmen: business area picking, small business accounting, legislative aspects fo the small business, partners communication peculiarities and others.

For the franchiser-companies staff we prepared the “Effective work with the franchisee” training. The training program includes such important aspects as franchise trade features, franchisee psychological types, effective franchisee training creation, franchise conflicts nature and the ways of prevention and many others.


The “PRO-BRAND” exhibition in Omsk allows every franchiser to discover Siberia, a Siberia to discover the franchising!


The terms of participation in PRO-BRAND 2013 and the application form can be found attached to this letter.

Organizators: PRO-FRANCHISING portal and LLC «Premium International Media Group ».

With the support of Advertising and Exhibition Agency (OJSC ARVD).

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